The best WhatsApp Tracker for Android Apps in 2021

By | October 10, 2021

WhatsApp Tracker for Android Apps a WhatsApp is taken as a full-featured and alpha version platform. It authorizes you to dispatch multimedia messages including text, voice/video calls, and many other sorts of documents. WhatsApp is the topmost appropriate way to make contact along with your buddies and you must have a preserving data connection to operate WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has the option to install it free of cost. WhatsApp is now controlled by Facebook. Almost it has 2 billion servers across the world, belongs to 180 states. This app has launched in the year of 2009 with an assistant of ex-Yahoo employees. At the start, WhatsApp was operated by a small network. But later expanded to 250,000 servers within a couple of months. It got fame speedily that WhatsApp creators started cost for operating service annually to reduce subscription price bottomward. In the year of 2014 WhatsApp obtained to fast popularity. And has viewed persistent growth, approaching 2 billion in July 2017.

Top features Presented by WhatsApp:

Servers may share the location in actual time by messages. They may as well arrange an index of contacts. Likewise, they may fastly dispatch messages to the greater public via WhatsApp groups. Precisely, the topmost WhatsApp feature is to permits servers to stay connected with relatives living in foreign countries. Free from sustaining worldwide taxes affiliated along with texts.

  • Deleted messages from everyone facilitate you to make your multimedia errorless.
  • The latest version of WhatsApp will also contain to message privately feature.
  • WhatsApp servers may as well reply in a group chat to be active participants.
  • You can now operate your WhatsApp on your laptop and PC as well. Just you have to scan your WhatsApp web and you will get access to Whatsapp.
  • Allow disappearing chat mode to all chats.
  • Group calls can be arranged with just selected participants.
  • Read later will be shifted into archived chat mode.
  • You can even get your group missed calls back to enjoy the discussion.

What is WhatsApp Tracker?

WhatsApp tracker is an appropriate medium that enables you to scan your visitors to WhatsApp profiles. You may as well scan your contact list location by it. It is the best way to tell you about your profile visitors. You can get all details about your favorite contacts without disturbing their privacy.

Fundamental Features of WhatsApp Tracker:

-These apps are easy to operate and servers friendly. Don’t harm the privacy of your contacts.

-Own a smooth platform that’s obtainable to everybody.

-It supports you to scan your WhatsApp DP visitors.

– Advantageous and perfect___ easy to download and operate in your portable tools.

-Contain location tracker which permits you to scan the whereabouts of your contacts.

-Secure and reliable platform.

-It is best free from any lags.

-Operate better for diverse sorts of servers.

What are wonderful WhatsApp trackers for your smart/Android phones?

Following are considered top 10 tracker apps for your WhatsApp.

  1. Kidslox WhatsApp tracker
  2. ESET WhatsApp tracker
  3. Webwatcher WhatsApp tracker
  4. Whazzak WhatsApp tracker
  5. Log what WhatsApp tracker
  6. Hoverwatch WhatsApp tracker
  7. IKey Monitor WhatsApp tracker
  8. Highster WhatsApp tracker
  9. Copy9 WhatsApp tracker
  10. WaStat – WhatsApp tracker

Kidslox WhatsApp Tracker:

It is a powerful and novel parental remote application. It assists parents to design their kids along with a formal behavior to the technological world.

Benefits of the app:

  • It is an inexpensive parental remote tracker.
  • •It is easy to operate.
  • It is simple to download and built up.


  1. No, any monitoring function__ child may approach websites that are accessible and you are unaware.
  2. No option to see the history of the browsing and activities.

ESET Parental Control WhatsApp Tracking App:

ESET tracker is a stiff way for parents. Who wish to save their kids from the harmless of digital media. It’s smooth to operate and assist wonderful features. These features authorize parents to look over to monitor activities of kids fastly and effectively.

Benefits of the app:

  • Can track kid’s location on actual period.
  • A full-featured medium having limitless devices certificates.
  • Filter the portal efficiently.


– It is not for the whole family along multiple phone platform atmosphere.

-No choice for blocking text and calls.

Webwatcher WhatsApp Tracker:

You can operate this tracker on android and IOS as well. It is very smooth to operate. You can feasibly observe the activities of WhatsApp. No need to be an expert on technology for it. Its latest functions will offer all which you demand. While it will access to track activities presented on your selecting device.

Benefits of the app:

  • Efficient to monitor your kid virtual and social media routine as well.
  • Downloading is easy; the control panel and functionality are smooth to negotiate.


-No clock functionality or site filter button.

– Very costly version.

Whazzak WhatsApp Tracker App:

It was designed by the year 2017. It was created to harm WhatsApp of anyone without permission. Thousands of parents preferred the app to monitor their children. You may install texts and contacts free from two-step authentication from the whazzak tracker. It may use to harm further hidden attacks and executed the diverse kind of bucket brigade attacks.

Benefits of the app:

  • It has no cost to track WhatsApp online.
  • It is smooth to operate.


-It just has one feature to only track WhatsApp.

– It is not well-grounded.

Whosapp WhatsApp Tracker:

Similar to whazzak tracker whosapp is as well a virtual WhatsApp tracking app. It permits you to observe the virtual status of your buddies, family members, and workers over WhatsApp.

Allow the pull notification alerts to be vigilant quickly while anybody comes online.

Benefits of the app:

  • You can run it for free of cost.
  • No downloading is required.


– It is just limited to track WhatsApp.

– It is unable to offer the real status of the activity.

Logwhat___ Virtual WhatsApp Tracking App:

The title of this app exactly offers you along with a hidden representative who works on a hidden target. Log what watch over whether your contacts are come online and sign in to WhatsApp.

Log what tracking app will provide you graphic representation displaying the time that someone is online or not. You are capable to shift your details entirely towards other Excel files to scan them on PC whether you prefer. Definitely, along with further same apps, log what is obtain variation and required a subscription. You can rate an interruption in the performance of the app.

Hoverwatch WhatsApp tracking App:

It is purely operated by Android phones to track WhatsApp. It has a feature to record and monitor texts, sending/receiving videos content, and images of WhatsApp. You may as well observe URL and calls sharing data. It can as well monitor browsing web history, location tracking, track phone calls detail, and many more. The control panel is smooth.

Benefits of the app:

  • It is very small to download and operate.
  • You are not bound to bed doubt out the device.


-It cannot be operated by iOS devices.

IKey Monitor WhatsApp Tracking App:

It is the best monitoring application for both Android and IOS devices.

It is vastly operated while a parental remote app. It monitors the environment of WhatsApp content including texts, video/voice calls, images, SMS, conversation, portals, blocking applications and games, limits of screen time, hotkeys GPS and clipboard, etc.

Benefits of the app:

  • You can view chat of WhatsApp and documents as well.
  • Very smooth to operate.
  • It can be downloaded on a monitoring device and carry out to operate not telling the device holder.


– It is costly and only limited features are accessible for a free trial.

– Only operate with internet connectivity.

– Its speed is very low.

Highster Mobile WhatsApp Tracking App:

It is easy to afford and smooth to operate to track WhatsApp. One time downloading the app will access all activities which operate on gadgets and dispatch results of activities towards your virtual account directly. It deals all from text to email and calls. Watch multimedia in your kid device also to retain a record of entire texts/calls. Moreover, it logically dispatches text logs towards your account. Hence, permitting you to see texts which may have been removed.

Benefits of the app:

  • It is a perfect tracking app accessible on the internet.
  • Everything regarding this app is smooth, containing cost, function, server control panel, software downloading you title it.


– It cannot capture a few WhatsApp chats over the trial. That is the main drawback of the app.

Copy9 WhatsApp Tracking App:

Copy 9 is a perfect tracking app for Android and IOS phones. It permits its servers to retain a hold on their children’s routine. It has a lot of tracking features that not just permit you to monitor WhatsApp conversations and messages. Yet as well view messages and social media activities comprising FB. It compiles whole data, feeds in the logs, and dispatch to the virtual account consistently.

Benefits of the app:

  • Track WhatsApp texts without downloading on the desired device.
  • It may as well be operated to monitor WhatsApp text along with full information of your contact list via a text was dispatch or get.


– It is not operated in all smart/Android phones.


The previously explained tracking apps are the best. These are smooth to download, smartly operated, inexpensive, user-friendly, well-founded, trustworthy, and noticeable. If you yet have no idea how to select, later we suggest you choose any of the above tracking apps. We confidently claim that it will not dishearten you.

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